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The Leader in Agile Application Lifecycle Management
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CollabNet - World Leader in Agile ALM

With more than 2 million users, the CollabNet platform is the most widely used platform for distributed software development. [more...]

Agile ALM for Distributed Teams

CollabNet TeamForge and ScrumWorks Pro are now integrated to bring you a powerful combination of capabilities for Agile development and project management. See how it works.

"We started off with a clear answer of Rational and ended up with a clear answer of CollabNet. There are a lot of other benefits that we get from CollabNet too, but the core ones are efficient use of resources, quality at the time of release, and lower maintenance costs."
Brian Roberson, Principal at Barclays Global Investors
"CollabNet TeamForge provides the industry’s best Subversion management features, which are critical to NXP’s developing the most reliable automotive semiconductor products - which are found in about 80% of the cars in the world. Our geographically distributed teams rely on CollabNet TeamForge for secure software versioning and for managing our application development lifecycle. The CollabNet platform has significantly lowered our development costs and improved development time and quality for our most extensively deployed products."
Andre van de Geijn, Account Manager at NXP Semiconductors
"SourceForge Enterprise Edition (now called CollabNet TeamForge) has significantly improved the communication between our Singapore and California development teams.The integrated tracker and Subversion SCM tools have allowed us to better manage our release process and issue management,"
Mike Pallas, Software Development Manager at Applied Biosystems.
"Software plays an increasingly important role at Philips Medical Systems, product development and, therefore, security and availability are critical. CollabNet’s managed service provides better security and availability than Philips’ internal engineering support groups can at the same cost level."
Jan Broekhuizen, Program Manager of the Medical Imaging Platform at Philips Medical Systems
"SourceForge (now called CollabNet TeamForge) reduced the time required to commit code changes from thirty minutes to less than five. It’s hard to quantify benefits such as improved ease-of-use, collaboration and traceability. However, cutting down change management time has been a big boost. With SourceForge, productivity is significantly higher."
Kathleen Wilson, Director of Engineering at VeriSign Security Services
"Development teams are globally dispersed, but collaboration is essential to creating quality products. With CollabNet, developers get the flexibility of an Agile environment over a Web-based interface that transcends geographical limitations, as well as the ability to stay CMMI compliant without the heavy hand of bureaucracy. It’s the best of both worlds."
IT Director, Investment Banking Customer
"Capgemini phased a worldwide roll-out of CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise Edition (now called CollabNet TeamForge) to enable its clients to lower their total cost of software delivery, reduce schedules, accelerate time-to-value, improve build quality, reduce risk and improve predictability."
Claus Horbach, sd&m (a Capgemini company) Technology Services
"With CollabNet’s platform, our software development teams collaborate more closely than ever before, while following best practices for code asset reuse. We have better visibility across projects, locations, and both internal and external teams."
Alla Gringaus, Web technology fellow at Time, Inc
It’s about more than delivering code "faster, better, cheaper. It’s also about new ideas. The ability to tap into collaborative tools without a long acquisition process lets developers try "risky things" in development."
Rob Vietmeyer, Forge.mil’s project director
Read the article: Defense Department Tries Opening Up--A Bit - InformationWeek
"We’re in the process of deploying best practices for Subversion and the knowledge we’ve gained from working with CollabNet is the basis of the culture we are adopting with regards to version control and Subversion."
Martin Kunze, Manager of Information Systems, Agile Systems
"After careful evaluation, we migrated our entire development organization to Subversion. Subversion has been incredibly easy to deploy; best of all, we accomplished this with zero impact to our delivery schedules."
Ron Sheen, CTO, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Inc.
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Remove Barriers and Empower Developers with Cloud Computing
Find out about the CollabNet/Codesion merger and learn how the cloud can enable innovation and facilitate collaboration

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